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Between Worlds is a interactive story game made during Epic's Megajam 2019. It's an unfortunate story about a family that has gone through the worst times in life. It's a mystery novel about being stuck inbetween afterlife. Main character has unfinished business and is denied eternal peace. His soul is stuck in limbo where he tries to re-connect with his long lost family!


WASD - to move

Once in house level - you are supposed to follow soul orb to go through the story.

We had to cut the story short due to time limitation - so ending might be somewhere confusing, but we plan on continueing development after Megajam and plan on bringing more detailed story with multiple chapters and added gameplay elements.

It's currently in DEMO stage that was specially developed for Megajam with topic Down To Earth. Story is unfinished and planned to unfold in upcoming chapters.

Team name.


List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission:


Our pre-made assets were:

  • Kitchen appliances were half made before Jam,we had to rebuild the set for them to work properly in Unreal Engine.
  • Kids play kitchen
  • Baby changing table
  • Bird house on the wall
  • Entrance door
  • Lamp in baby’s bedroom

 Everything else was made during the Megajam.

We included our daughter Nellie as voice actor for one of the characters.


Assets that were not made by us:

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Tagsmegajam, ue4jam, Unreal Engine


between-worlds-win.zip 3 GB
Version 1 Nov 22, 2019


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Had trouble with my recording software audio but I still uploaded the video. It's a touching story so far and such beautiful graphics. Look forward to the full game. 

Thank you very much! We are working towards completing this story and releasing a full game!



Great demo! I liked it a lot. Hope you will eventually make a full game/story like this! 



Yes. We ran out of time and had to cut the story short, but yes, our plan is to continue work on it after the jam. And thank you very much and thank you for gameplay!